Have A Questions?

Our mixers are shelf-life stable. This means that if they are still sealed, you can keep them in ROOM-LIKE temperature rooms (70F-78F). Once opened, please refrigerate after usage to maximize its life spam.
Because we wanted to keep our products as natural and true to their original flavor as possible, we avoided chemicals and artificial coloring and flavors. We recommend keeping your sealed mixers in cabinets and in no direct light exposure, color changing is a normal chemical reaction due to light exposure and has no impact in the flavor or freshness of the product.
Our products have a “fresh date” statement of 1 year after bottling date. This means that we guarantee its fresh vibrant flavors and consistency up to written date. Since our products are made with fresh and premium ingredients, refrigerating after opening and usage is highly encouraged to keep and maintain its quality.
Yes, refrigerate after opening and after each use.
Separation and color change are normal in artisanal made products. Both are natural reactions to light and density and have no deteriorative effect in your mixer. Please follow instructions in the back of your mixers to keep and maintain its quality.
As we grow we hope to offer better flavors and shopping experiences. At the moment, because our products are perishables, we cannot accommodate return on OPEN items. If a product is still sealed we can offer a free exchange; however, you will need to cover the shipping fee.
If we made a mistake, we will make it right! No need to send us the wrong flavor, we will send you your correct flavor(s) as soon as possible.
El Cantinero only offers full refunds or in-house credits on orders that have not been processed, unfulfilled orders and missing/lost orders by shipping fulfillment company. Partial refund is allocated only on orders where products have shipped and received with “expired” expiration dates and miss-shipped/ wrong items.
Currently we only ship to mainland U.S territory.